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Our Story

Aria and Brin, an online shop based right outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, launched in March of 2019. Our founder, Taylor, began dreaming up Aria and Brin years ago, back in 2011 after she had open heart surgery during her freshman year of high school. Being a young woman with a new, prominent scar, Taylor deeply understood the importance of finding clothing that gave a much needed boost of confidence. She vowed to herself to one day start a brand where women felt seen, supported and loved. Years later during her senior year of college, she started Aria and Brin.

Aria and Brin is more than just an online store. Since the early planning stages, the goal of this store was to offer clothes that made women feel confident. We believe everyone has a story to tell, and we strongly believe that stories can be told through fashion, because we know the impact a great outfit can have. The fact that our customers could be wearing our brand while getting engaged or while having the best day of their life doesn’t go unnoticed.

A note from our founder:

"What a gift it is to be able to create a community where women feel seen and loved. While we are a clothing brand, I always say we are in the business of building community and the clothes are an added bonus. I genuinely love what I do and I hope that feeling of love and appreciation extends to every person that comes in contact with Aria and Brin."

Our collection of clothing is curated with the intention to empower and uplift women, helping them feel their best selves every day. We would be honored if you would join us in writing this story that is so dear to us. Our motto is "dress well and be kind" and we hope you feel that sincere appreciation and kindness every time you step into our virtual spaces and our in person events.